Against the Ropes

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(drama, sport)
Download Movie Against the RopesA Jewish woman from Detroit who became a boxing manager, guiding several major careers. This film focuses on her relationship with one boxer (Epps), who's reportedly a composite of several including Toney, McKart and Hearns. Kallen eventually left her husband of 30 years, and moved to Los Angeles, becoming the commissioner of the International Female Boxers Association...


Meg Ryan as Jackie Kallen
Omar Epps as Luther Shaw
Charles S. Dutton as Felix Reynolds
Tony Shalhoub as Sam LaRocca
Timothy Daly as Gavin Reese
Joseph Cortese as Irving Abel
Kerry Washington as Renee
Sean Bell as Ray Kallen
Dean McDermott as Pete Kallen
Skye McCole Bartusiak as Little Jackie
Juan Carlos Hernández as Pedro Hernandez
Holt McCallany as Dorsett
Tory Kittles as Devon Green
Gene Mack as Kevin Keyes
Beau Starr as Corcoran
Charles S. Dutton

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