Secret Window

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(drama, horror, thriller)
Download Movie Secret WindowMort Rainey (Depp), a writer just coming off of a troublesome divorce with his ex-wife, Amy (Bello), finds himself stalked at his remote lake house by a psychotic stranger (Turturro) who claims Mort stole his best story idea (changing just the ending)... (Hutton plays Bello's new boyfriend; Dutton plays a private investigator hired to make Turturro's character leave Mort alone.)


Johnny Depp as Mort Rainey
John Turturro as John Shooter
Maria Bello as Amy Rainey
Timothy Hutton as Ted Milner
Charles S. Dutton as Ken Karsch
Len Cariou as Sheriff Dave Newsome
Joan Heney as Mrs. Garvey
John Dunn-Hill as Tom Greenleaf
Vlasta Vrana as Fire Chief Wickersham
Matt Holland as Detective Bradley
Gillian Ferrabee as Fran Evans
Bronwen Mantel as Greta Bowie
Elizabeth Marleau as Juliet Stoker
Kyle Allatt as Busboy
Richard Jutras as Motel Manager
David Koepp

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