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Download Movie DevourIn Cheever Lake, the twenty-one years old Jake Gray (Jensen Ackles) has bloody nightmares while awake. His friends Conrad Dean (Teach Grant) and Dakota (Dominique Swain) apply him in a weird game called "The Pathway". Jake begins to mix reality with daydreams, while his closest friends die. Jake blames the game, which might be connected to the devil, for the deaths of his friends and decides to investigate the mystery.


Jensen Ackles as Jake Gray
Shannyn Sossamon as Marisol
Dominique Swain as Dakota
William Sadler as Ivan Reisz
Teach Grant as Conrad Dean
Martin Cummins as Aiden Kater
Rob Stewart as Ross North
R. Nelson Brown as Walt
Wanda Cannon as Kathy
Jenn Griffin as Older Anne Kilton
Alan Ackles as Paul Kilton
Rob Allen as Young Paul
Tami DeSchutter as Young Kathy
John Innes as Father Moore
Reg Tupper as Hartney
David Winkler

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6. Thanatos - Undead, Unholy, Divine - Devour The Living

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