Slow Burn

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(drama, thriller)
Download Movie Slow BurnDistrict attorney Ford Cole is running for mayor, promising to capture the city's elusive crime boss, Danny Ludin. On the night of a gas link in the inner city, his interview with a national reporter is interrupted by word that his best prosecutor, Nora Timmer, who's also his lover, has killed a man she claims was assaulting her. A few minutes later, a man shows up at Cole's office claiming it was murder, implicating Nora in complicated schemes and crimes. Cole wants a few hours to get to the bottom of a mess that quickly includes land deals, shell corporations, and political corruption. Who's setting up whom?


Ray Liotta as Ford Cole
LL Cool J as Luther Pinks
Mekhi Phifer as Isaac Duperde
Jolene Blalock as Nora Timmer
Guy Torry as Chet Price
Taye Diggs as Jeffrey Sykes
Chiwetel Ejiofor as Ty Trippin
Bruce McGill as Godfrey
Frank Schorpion as Maybank
Donny Falsetti as Delucca
Barbara Alexander as Pratt
Joe Grifasi as Desk Sgt. Drown
Richard Jutras as Leland Neff
Arthur Holden as Felix Lang
Fisher Stevens as Alan Turlock
Wayne Beach

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