The Tooth Fairy

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Download Movie The Tooth FairyWhen 12-year-old Pamela (Munoz) goes on vacation with her family (West, Munro) to a bed and breakfast, the girl who lives next door tells her the "true story" of the Tooth Fairy: Many years earlier, the evil Tooth Fairy slaughtered a countless number of children to take their teeth, and now she has returned to kill Pamela and anyone else who gets in her way.


Carrie Fleming as Stephanie/Star Roberts
Nicole Mu+-oz as Pamela Wagner
Jianna Ballard as Emma
Jesse Hutch as Bobby Boulet
Peter New as Chuck
Ben Cotton as Henry
Chuck Bowman

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1. Husker Du - Zen Arcade - The Tooth Fairy and The Princess
2. Rodan - Rusty - Tooth-Fairy Retribution Manifesty

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