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Download Movie Dorm Daze 2The gang from Dorm Daze is back, but this time they're on a cruise ship on a tropical voyage through the high seas. The captain and crew of the Surveyor, a floating classroom for Billingsley University's Semester at Sea program, is about to make a voyage they'll never forget. The cruise makes an educational stop at the island of San Paradiso, where the students are supposed to explore an important archaeological site. Things go from normal to crazy as their visit coincides with every other college's spring break. The moment the boat docks, classes are over! For these Billingsley students, their Semester at Sea will be an adventure no one will ever forget.


James DeBello as Cliff
Marieh Delfino as Gerri
Tony Denman as Newmar
Larry Drake as Dean Dryer
Danielle Fishel as Marla
Vida Guerra as Violet
Jeremy Howard as Eli
Jennifer Lyons as Lynne
Kip Martin as Stukas
Chris Owen as Booker McFee
Richard Riehle as Captain Dunkley
Charles Shaughnessy as Professor Cavendish
Justin Whalin as Foosball
David Hillenbrand
Scott Hillenbrand

Well, this is the perfect type of a movie on a single bedroom with her teenage camera. You'll have lots and lots of nudity, but it is very tasteless, stupid, terrible shame, and the film. There is bad beyond your imagination as a young man who was preparing it to masturbate very elaborately ugly woman!, Are also good ideas for sexy outrageous scenes, however, proved to be so short and bad, like a man who was hiding under the dress a woman to have her face in front of his bare back, is the most evil made up his own idea, but the scene was so horrible (bad angle, the actor and the ass!), saying that there is another scene in where a child is unfairly naked in a shower full of naked girls, girls' bodies were so unsightly. I just loved the wonderful kiss between Danielle Fishel and another girl whom he was so in love with her. I loved the last scene in which the brunette girl was stripped of his love, which was perfect, even though his act was exposed, and their kisses are not sexy. There are things I hate more than anything to love here, the comedy was not sex or sexy comic, and the scene of the imitation of Anna Nicole Smith as an executive hot PATHETIC! The bottom line: Even filmed masturbating while the rate of bad porn star? What is sexy for girls, "Anyway, if you know that only by email.
Before I tell you what I think of this film, I just need to tell you some things. I am 26 years, a great fan of all kinds of movies, no matter if the adrenaline pumping action films, emotional dramas of love deep, intelligent satire or simply stupid fool, if I get something from a movie, I'm satisfied.

About Dorm Daze 2 then Dorm Daze saw a couple of years ago and remember to enjoy. Neither more nor less than any other teen movie, but it had all the door hit something that Shakespeare was very good to see well into the format of American Pie. This film, however, try to be as intriguing as the other with a large cast of people who never get to understand who, why or what they are. The film is a mess, but you can follow if you really try (despite all the mistakes in the plot). My main concern about this movie, however, is that it is not funny (and I'm a guy who is on his hilarious Benchwarmers simply stupid). There was one time when I found this film funny, and I would say that I know funny when I see all the categories. They were trying to laugh, but not miserably. The plot is working much better after the comedy, but, unfortunately, does not say much about the plot either.

To them, I can not recommend this movie to anyone. It is not fun, and if you are the things that go with the best plot Dorm Daze first place, and stay away from it.

Download Dorm Daze 2
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