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(crime, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie Basic Instinct 2The decadent life of novelist Catherine Trammell (Sharon Stone) continues int his sequel that finds her in the opening sequence speeding through the streets of London using the hand of her obviously under-the-influence soccer star boy friend to masturbate herself. After the car goes out of control, she manages to escape but he drowns leading to an investigation of whether she had in fact murdered him with an implication that he was already dead before the car even entered the water. Officials bring in a police psychologist (David Morrissey) to determine her mental state. Obsession sets in and the psychiatrist is drawn into her manipulations and dangerous world. As deaths occur around the pair involving acquaintances of both parties, including the psychiatrist's ex-wife, the story twists (and doesn't answer) to make you wonder who is committing the crimes. David Thewlis also co-stars as a perhaps corrupt police inspector and Charlotte Rampling appears as a colleague of the psychiatrist. Contains frequent nudity, depiction of orgies and graphic sexual encounters, constant profanity and violence that is mostly committed off-camera.


Sharon Stone as Catherine Tramell
David Morrissey as Dr. Michael Glass
Charlotte Rampling as Milena Gardosh
David Thewlis as Roy Washburn
Hugh Dancy as Michael Tower
Anne Caillon as Laney Ward
Iain Robertson as Peter Ristedes
Stan Collymore as Kevin Franks
Andre Schneider as Young Policeman
Michael Caton-Jones

I do not understand your objection to this movie. It is a tense, exciting extension of the character created in "Basic Instinct". The only part of history that is the least unrealistic, is the fact that Sharon Stone character is still alive and not in jail at this late date.

SPOILER ALERT: In the movie progresses, we will present three theories of what is happening: 1) Sharon Stone is the character to kill all these people, because she is insane (Addicts risk), 2) David Thewlis' crooked police is killing these people in order to frame Sharon Stone's character, 3) David Morrissey of the analyst is killing these people in revenge. What affects most people about the movie seems to be that none of these theories will never be explained as the "real" story. (Although the analyst is in a psychiatric care facility for the murder of the Conference of the Parties, the only murder that occurred on the screen.)

I think this is a brilliant plot in the spirit of "2001 A Space Odyssey." Who cares what is real? The blonde really is madness, the police are really crooked and the analyst really wants revenge. The important thing is the interaction between these and other characters from history. Like real life, the whole world is more complicated than anyone thought and reality is more complicated than a movie. Get over it!

Download Basic Instinct 2

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