Into the Blue

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(action, adventure, crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Into the BlueJared Cole and his girlfriend Sam Nicholson are a young couple living in the Caribbean. Jared is an unemployed diver whose dream is to find treasure in the Caribbean Sea and Sam works at a local resort as a shark handler. When Jared's best friend Bryce Dunn, a selfish New York lawyer and his new girlfriend Amanda Collins arrive, the two couples spend a couple of days experiencing paradise. But, they discover an airplane on the sea floor that crashed during a hurricane and they find the cargo on-board the airplane is cocaine. Jared and Sam's lives are in danger, when Bryce and Amanda make a deal with a dangerous drug lord who wants the cocaine. Jared's rival, Treasure Hunter Derek Bates learns what they are doing and tries to negotiate the cocaine to raise money for a expedition where he intends to find a sunken boat with treasure. Jared, Sam, Bryce, and Amanda find themselves racing against time to find the shipwreck before somebody else does.


Paul Walker as Jared
Jessica Alba as Sam
Scott Caan as Bryce
Ashley Scott as Amanda
Josh Brolin as Bates
James Frain as Reyes
Tyson Beckford as Primo
Dwayne Adway as Roy
Javon Frazer as Danny
Chris Taloa as Quinn
Peter R.V. Bowleg Jr. as Jake
Clifford McIntosh as Kash
Adam Collins as Raolo
Gill Montie as Big Dave
Dan Ballard as Scuba Bob
John Stockwell

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