Fighting Tommy Riley

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(drama, sport)
Download Movie Fighting Tommy RileyTrainer Marty Goldberg has been stuck working on the fringes of the professional circuit far too long. Searching for a way out, he discovers Tommy, a young man with raw talent to burn. Outside the ring however, Tommy displays a self-destructive streak that could end his career before it begins. Marty works with Tommy to tame that streak.


Eddie Jones as Marty Goldberg
J.P. Davis as Tommy Riley
Christina Chambers as Stephanie
Diane Tayler as Diane Stone
Scot Belsky as Mr. Riley
Paul Terrell Clayton as Oscar
Adam Harlan as Bob Silver's Assistant
Mark Daniel Jones as Team Riley Photographer
Paul Raci as Bob Silver
Don Wallace as Leroy Kane
Eddie O'Flaherty

Just saw this on DVD, still buzzing, forgive me if I gush a little ... AMAZING film, imo. Flix big fan of boxing, which is why I chose this. But this is not really about boxing at all, boxing is just a big party and force the metaphor to get back up and keep on keeping on-hand, could have been anything to justify that these characters so intense, so it worked well, but it is only the setting, the story is the relationship, stories, gifts, consequences, layers ... totally smoke million dollar baby, I think in many ways. Great performances, amazing cinematography / art direction, as a great illustration of books, often, esp. at first, gut-wrenchingly moving ... Look!

Download Fighting Tommy Riley
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