The Fallen Ones

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(action, adventure, fantasy, horror)
Download Movie The Fallen OnesThe Fallen Ones, an ancient cult in Egypt that worshiped giants. One such giant was Aramis, who's father is a fallen Fallen Angel who had Armamis mummified to save his spirit from the great flood. Time passes and it's 2005 and a team of Archaeologists have found the tomb lead by clues in ancient text. But one of them is not who they appear to be, he is the Fallen One and has plans on resurrecting Aramis and start a new race of giants and destroy all of humankind. Unless Matt and his team can find a way to take down a hundred foot mummy.


Casper Van Dien as Matt Fletcher
Kristen Miller as Angela
Robert Wagner as Morton
Geoffrey Lewis as Gus Ferguson
Navid Negahban as Ammon/The Fallen One
Tom Bosley as Rabbi Eli Schmidtt
Saginaw Grant as Joseph
Scott Whyte as Mickey
Carel Struycken as High Priest
Jim Morse as Ammon's Guard
Pablo Espinosa as Dennis/Security Guard
Robert Allen Mukes as Aramis
Irwin Keyes as Pale eyed priest
Braeden Marcott as High priest #2
Shane Allen as Deputy two
Kevin VanHook

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