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Download Movie Notting HillEvery man's dream comes true for William Thacker, a successless Notting Hill bookstore owner, when Anna Scott, the world's most beautiful woman and best-liked actress, enters his shop. A little later, he still can't believe it himself, William runs into her again - this time spilling orange juice over her. Anna accepts his offer to change in his nearby apartment, and thanks him with a kiss, which seems to surprise her even more than him. Eventually, Anna and William get to know each other better over the months, but being together with the world's most wanted woman is not easy - neither around your closest friends, nor in front of the all-devouring press.


Julia Roberts as Anna Scott
Hugh Grant as William Thacker
Richard McCabe as Tony
Rhys Ifans as Spike
James Dreyfus as Martin
Dylan Moran as Rufus the Thief
Roger Frost as Annoying Customer
Henry Goodman as Ritz Concierge
Julian Rhind-Tutt as 'Time Out' Journalist
Lorelei King as Anna's Publicist
John Shrapnel as P.R. Chief
Clarke Peters as 'Helix' Lead Actor
Arturo Venegas as Foreign Actor
Yolanda Vazquez as Interpreter
Mischa Barton as 12-year-old Actress
Roger Michell

By rights, I hate this movie. A romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts
is usually not my kind of thing but sometimes
Girlie a good film like "Notting Hill" may be just what the doctor
Order. I am the only person I know who enjoy "Lost In Translation
" after all. But it is nice to think that my film
tastes are not solely dictated by the amount of violence, sex and
Oath involved, so we snuggled up to my better half to see last night in the

Roberts plays an incredibly famous actress named Anna Scott, in London
To promote his latest film. One day, while shopping in Notting Hill,
She blows to the bumbling bookshop owner Will Thacker (Grant) and
spills orange juice all down his forehead. So begins the compensation in connection with
The tongue-tied English dandy, tarnished by a variety of life's little problems like
Thacker Welsh crazy flatmate (Rhys Ifans), Anna unwanted
intrusion of the press and movie star hectic schedule. While this is
Undoubtedly, a romantic comedy, the film also examines the nature of
fame, the various reactions to it and the inconvenience of having your
Enyesa across the back of a London bus.

Because it is the same team that brought him "
Four Weddings And A Funeral" and "Love, actually, is not as big a surprise for
Donation find another breakthrough in performance as a stumbling block, clumsy
English gent, people like you who only see in novels of PG Wodehouse.
It is not a great stretch of Julia Roberts or playing
most famous actress in the world. And quite frankly, if Richard Curtis
not brought together then someone else would now. But
The simple truth is that this is truly a match made in heaven. Hábilmente
Assisted by the rest of the cast (led by the brilliant Ifans), the two leads
given free rein to go googly eyes on each other and fazer Exactly the romantic leads. And apart from a couple of duff
Lines, "Notting Hill" is a wonderful movie filled with the ups and downs
a long courtship - exactly the sort of thing my better half
Ama. Do not get me wrong, I am not a child of cold heart of a firearm, but even I
melted somewhat during the film. The highlight for me was the scene where
Grant wanders through markets of Portobello Road in the middle of
The change of seasons a year - and wonderfully brilliant shot
He noted as well.

Even if the end is too predictable and you know what
We hope that when you sit down to him, "Notting Hill" quite hits
mark ever. It is romantic without being too sentimental and
Azucaradas and comedy is never forced, flowing naturally around the
cinema and fun assortment little part of the background of the players. But
Rightly, the film belongs to Grant and Roberts, even if it appears to be
Sometimes sleepwalking. And without sounding too pretentious, the film is beautifully shot
- London has rarely looked better than it does here
. "Notting Hill" is probably as good as a date movie find
And if you can convert an action fan like me then the chances are
it will work for you too. The equivalent of a movie of Mills and Boon -
know exactly what to expect, but not least because
enjoy it.
It can be a paradox that a film can shine and little by little, however, this is the only way I can
describe this charming romantic comedy. The star (Sun)-
crossed lovers do not know they are means that for each other ... Yes, this is the
RomCom standard configuration. But that does not know? That gets around
More British and deliberate pace and adjustment. And makes the final
As we all know, is coming to collect color and charm.

"Notting Hill" is more than a third of their time to show William (
Hugh Grant), as it is immersed in their daily lives, they want to be supportive of your < br> Friends, however, the search for his own inner life. The five closest friends all
Show something he lacks "happy" in accordance, a loving marriage transcend
Barriers, a sister who took bold risks to finding love, and a roommate
What is through claim and says (and, yes, it is deliciously vulgar).

That very British-in-a-ironically-establishing patterns borrows "
Four Weddings and a Funeral", but only friends there that I could constantly
believe-that matters-a grant to the couple were gay,
A comic, which shows the other deep emotion. Here, all of the head
The circle is deeply worried about him, as he does about them. This makes
Any difference.

Cases where matters most is what gave support when the beauty of the American cinema
(Julia Roberts) enters his life, then, then, then ... And all
Forms that are credible for lovers of such dissimilar. The romantic
becomes more plausible, because the nature of the grant has such support and a place to
Share your emotional roller coaster ride. He is not crushed by the undersigned
moments, but reflected their individuality and moves on. And
He told his friends, sometimes just looking appearance, but when he also collected -
Well-being on their own. (Well, the moment toward the end when Spike puts
His exasperation in three identified, including vulgar words is a refreshing change
. Sometimes when a friend lets loose with the truth pithy, striking
The necessary spot.)

All of this background, the richness of character, and stressed the use of the "right" words
British are qualities that do not succeed with the American standard RomCom < br> Settings.

Gina McKee's turn here as Grant's wheelchair is female friend of
Someone with deep individuality and unique
Clarity, including its own perspective on the supply and loves past
Present - especially her husband. It is a look at a woman with
distinctive qualities that she has chosen. This makes both its attractiveness
To all his friends, and forcibly quiet understatement. She also
Being just a lot more fun, once the tape and finish rebobinada thinking
history. (Listen for his turn talked about, "stand." No, this is a Budget
play its limitations. Not in the context. And that is subtle comic
Acting.) < br>
Richard Curtis ingenuity of the script is one of the best in years, and that
A look reward in book form as well. He takes this backdrop support
Friends, it puts Roberts in the brightness of invading and shake up the world,
And creates a web of truths and personal tax celebrity nonsense.

Roberts and Grant were both bemused and passionate observers of the
Absurdos of fame ending around them, but in this event
Byplay inventive comic and answers. This is not a breakneck pace of America
(Or "screwball") comedy, and its subtle discovery of the other-mind -
And the substance would not work in such an environment.

Roberts is the ease and familiarity with the hair trigger -
Frustration of fame, while leaving it to undermine at least
I expected. But it shows that one can grow and learn from their mistakes.
(Unlike his well-acted, but overexplained realization at the end of "
Runaway Bride.") She even has a scene-no makeup, which is a true romantic
turning point. I do not see many other actresses are willing to try it.

Grant displays a surprising inner strength and consciousness of its own, not
Willing to hide how-you-go reality. (He did the same in turn realistic
"Four Weddings", but not nearly as effectively trying to figure himself

Photography and settings show London beautifully, and the history of
Interior scenes very imaginative use of a narrow, stacked up
Notting Hill mini-house.

Only two items give all this to less than 10 votes from me - and even then, only a
9. The manager does not have very many opportunities to
base in the comic or dramatic moments in the script. He coasts in the
words. These are good words, but they need a turn at times.

Another disappointment is partial to the musical score. It is not really
A score or more than one, is mostly popular songs that underscore the
Action. One is bright, and frames the story perfectly - Elvis Costello
the cover of "She". Others, however, use their letters to grind
plot points in the field. It is usually too high in
volume, and sometimes against lapping dialogue.

(Both original themes by Trevor Jones are beautiful, lushly written, and
Well suited to the main characters. Should have had more of his work,
But it is less than one-fourth part of the movie music.)

The British tend to put more creativity below the surface and narrative
The establishment of the Americans, and often get beyond the formula. To discover
This film is a cheerful. You will feel as if you are forced to view this
deep, but very funny, the movie twice, three times or more. For
Me, is delicious even after nine months and nine viewings.

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