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(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Dead CalmA married couple sail the Pacific Ocean to forget a tragic accident. After a month at sea, they sight a mysterious yacht and are boarded by its lone surviving crew member. When the husband discovers the yacht's terrible secret, the crewman goes wild, kidnapping his wife and taking his ship. Terror on the high seas is center stage as the husband fights to keep the mystery yacht afloat and his wife battles the psychotic who's assumed control of their ship.


Nicole Kidman as Rae Ingram
Sam Neill as John Ingram
Billy Zane as Hughie Warriner
Rod Mullinar as Russell Bellows
Joshua Tilden as Danny
George Shevtsov as Doctor
Michael Long as Specialist Doctor
Lisa Collins as 'Orpheus' Cruise Girl
Paula Hudson-Brinkley as 'Orpheus' Cruise Girl
Sharon Cook as 'Orpheus' Cruise Girl
Malinda Rutter as 'Orpheus' Cruise Girl
Phillip Noyce

Actually, I was on hold throughout Dead Calm. Sam Neill as other
And Nicole Kidman and his wife were recovering completely credible as a duel
Parents taking a vacation to leave behind their tragedies. Billy Zane as
Unstable third round (see Titanic, Head Above Water) in the relationship
was also very effective in his role. The suspense builds on everything and
leads to a climax very memorable. Recommended, 7 / 10.
Let me begin by saying that this review is likely to be spoiling
Some scenes from the movie, so if you have not seen it, go to
Circuit City and buy the DVD for $ 7.99. You will not be disappointed.

OK. Now, the initiation of the review. I just saw this movie for the first time
last night and I was really blow away. I just hoped
Another generic thriller, but thank God I was very wrong.

This film has everything is working in favor and working together.
The location is very good. Each shot is serving particular purpose
not call too much attention to yourself style.
The script is very well structured and develops each of the 3 main characters
just enough before the film starts running. And when the
Action / emotion start, which do not stop. The film has an excellent pace
And never drags at any point to make as most of the movies in general.

One of the things that deserves special attention is the use of sound and music
. The beginning is literally a Dead Calm. Not much music at all,
ambient sounds only ratchet up the tension slowly. The
The cinematography is also very clean and colorful. This does not look like a date
All, except for a few scenes at the very beginning of the film. But
Once the story moves on the boat (s), it seems that was filmed

One of the things I liked about this movie is, like all great
Thrillers ... Just when you think you can not get everything worse, it does. It
Va. worsen.

But, of course, this movie has its share of the shares of less questionable
Particularly because the character of Sam Neill, which was stranded in a sinking ship
. Instead of wasting time trying to pump water out of the courtroom
is trapped inside, why not just break through the bottom weak as he
ends to be done anyway? Oh well, I can forgive. A character in a
life and death situation like that probably will not be thinking as clearly as someone who
feel comfortable in the safety of their
Lounge, it is easy to forget. Almost

I was going to complain about the "Friday 13 of the ending (see:
Fatal Attraction), but when I saw how the situation was dealt with,
PerdonĂ³ instantly. Very shocking way to get rid of a character
If I do say so myself.

I recommend this movie for all fans thriller. This is one of the
Most of the suspense movies that I have seen in a long time. It is a shame
not make them like this.

Download Dead Calm
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