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(action, adventure)
Download Movie National TreasureBenjamin Franklin Gates descends from a family of treasure-seekers who've all hunted for the same thing: a war chest hidden by the Founding Fathers after the Revolutionary War. Ben's close to discovering its whereabouts, as is his competition, but the FBI is also hip to the hunt.


Nicolas Cage as Ben Gates
Diane Kruger as Abigail Chase
Justin Bartha as Riley Poole
Sean Bean as Ian Howe
Jon Voight as Patrick Gates
Harvey Keitel as Sadusky
Christopher Plummer as John Adams Gates
David Dayan Fisher as Shaw
Stewart Finlay-McLennan as Powell
Oleg Taktarov as Shippen
Stephen A. Pope as Phil
Annie Parisse as Agent Dawes
Mark Pellegrino as Agent Johnson
Armando Riesco as Agent Hendricks
Erik King as Agent Colfax
Jon Turteltaub

This gets my vote for the most enjoyable movie of 2004 (along
The Indredibles). You would think that it is only for kiddies, but any adult
only able to go to the movies to enjoy themselves should be able to sit
, gobble popcorn, straw sucking, nibble on the ice - < br> Cream and only have a couple of hours without problems-mania with good and bad
, daring robberies, lost treasures, romance, persecutions, near
Escape, and disaster rescue and everything you expect in this type
Bruckheimer production.

That pace is just right, the villains are bad enough,
And valuables are noble with a roguish streak. The bits are affected
MadurĂ³ with a touch of ironic humor, and those who are not: well, just
Tenerlas not cringe and, again, enjoy!

I left smiling this movie, like my wife and the daughter of the elderly
(That would make all of us ultimately 'adults'). Since I was a smile
What we all wanted that day, we have exactly what you asked.
A descendant (Nicolas Cage), a family of fortune hunters,
look for a treasure chest that was hidden by the Founding Fathers of the new
United States after the Revolutionary War. After being double-crossed by European
Sean Bean and his men while obtaining other on the track
Arctic, and Justin Cage sidekick Bertha (who almost steals the show
With its rapid witty line ) travel to DC to get the
Declaration of Independence. It is believed that there is an invisible
map on the back of that historic document. A daring game of cat and mouse between Cage and
More Bean, as the ultra-hot Diane Kruger (who made
Hardly any impression in the disappointing "Troy") as
This implies. Jon Voight (Cage skeptical of the father) also received in the combined
As the film progresses, and that makes some of the best work of his career
In a small comic role and silent. A search of bright objects
tracks along the major cities of the East Coast stops in
edge of their seats. "National Treasure" is a fun trip to the cinema.
Configuration (said by Cage's grandfather, Christopher Plummer) is a little
Unequal and I was worried that this was going to be a disaster, but I
are not happy. The characters are all smart and intelligent and
The pace is fast and furious. Wonderful
entertainment for the entire family. Surprisingly one of the finest pictures of 2004. 4 stars out of 5

Download National Treasure
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