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Download Movie ZzyzxZzyzx, the road, may lead to nowhere, but three people find themselves baking in a desert of murder, mystery, manipulation and greed when the legendary road becomes the place where their destinies collide.


Robyn Cohen as Candice
Kenny Johnson as Lou
Ryan Fox as Ryan
Kayo Zepeda as Manny
Richard Halpern as Blackjack Dealer
Linda Meylin Lozano as Amaia
Pedro Padilla as Mexican Man
Carlota Padilla as Mexican Woman
Ronnie Padilla as Mexican Boy
Cassia Walton as Sophia
Richard Halpern

If this type of film is your cup of tea (Hills ... Eyes, Slaughter of Texas ... ... (or twisting and turning caper movies that are not afraid of gore and thick), then you do not want to miss this . Think "Hitchen" in the desert claustrophobic.

It's a little confusing unless you do some research on the film of substance. The movie has a website where the "mythology" helps explain the background (but not much), but then you're sitting in one place to capture some of the "missing information" called attention to the opening sequence, entitled . But the film does not need.

It can stand alone if you just ignore the ominous "Carl and Sophia" things.

Yes, it's a real place (Zzyzx) and a simple search on the net. But the story is fiction ... period.

Many twists and turns and some pretty gory a "full circle" thing.

Just a damn good indie thriller.

See it ... get excited.

Break a leg ... off.

Download Zzyzx
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