The Return

Download Return, The
(comedy, drama, romance)
Download Movie The ReturnRowe McDonald is a headstrong missionary who has life after his mission all figured out. When a fatal car crash interrupts his plans, he is given sixty days to return to life and finish his work. Now he must choose whether to lead the life he planned, or reach beyond himself to change the lives of others. What will he do? Who will he touch? How will he prepare to leave it all behind?


Clark Bullen as Elder Gibson
Tracy Garner as Scottie Patterson
Timothy Hall as Elder Hatch
Javen Tanner as Rowe McDonald
Ryan Wood as Jared
Raymond Zeiters as Corbin
Joey Jalalian as Alley Benson
Tayva Patch as Trish McDonald
Katie Rockwood as Sister Carter
Michael Amundsen

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2. Return To Forever
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4. Chick Corea and Return To Foreve
5. Return To Innocence
6. Return To Forever (Chick Corea)

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