Dragon Tiger Gate

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(action, drama)
Download Movie Dragon Tiger GateThree young martial arts masters emerge from the back streets of Hong Kong to help the powerless fight injustice.


Donnie Yen as Dragon Wong
Nicholas Tse as Tiger Wong
Shawn Yue as Turbo Shek
Jie Dong as Ma Xiaoling
Xiao Ran Li as Lousha
Wah Yuen as Wong Jianglong
Kuan Tai Chen as Ma Kun
Vincent Sze as Fan
Tommy Yuen as Xing
Sam Chan Yu-Sum as Ming
Alan Lam as Patch
Nick Lam as Hoi
Sheren Tang as Dragon Wong mother
Yu Kang as Shibumi
Sit Lap Yin as Dragon Wong Kid
Wilson Yip

This is a fun movie to watch. I enjoyed it. From the first scene you come to see hi-fi martial arts. Cool, very well. The main characters, Dragon Tiger Wong and Wong are great with their hairstyles. The third actor, Turbo is good too.

The film has good action sequences and is like a videogame into a movie. All the fighting scenes are brilliantly shot. The last fight when it comes to do with his Nunchucks Turbo is pretty good. And the names of the actors, Dragon, Tiger and Turbo sound like characters from video games.

Good to see with friends, alone and with family. You will not get bored and go to see something decent performance history the actors and the main villain is very good (although I wonder why you never saw his face, even at the end) 8 / 10 ... . Good
Oh-ho! This may be the best Kung-Fu movie I've seen. Watched the scenes of actual combat. But I can say that the film has a thin plot, which is not very good (I can say). The only good thing is the fight. Do not get me wrong, I like the movie, is that I felt that the film might need some improvement in the plot. This is Tiger Wong, Dragon Wong and Turbo who believe in justice. Take possession of a gold plate that has one of the largest criminal organization in Asia, the heroes are now the target. They will have to fight against evil. Scenes of fighting, I say it can be improved, since only take a few minutes only. And fighting scenes would be more interesting. But overall, still go on my level.

Download Dragon Tiger Gate
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