In a Dark Place

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(drama, horror, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie In a Dark PlaceShe thought she was their Guardian Angel, but was she really their Nanny from Hell? A chilling modern ghost story, inspired by a classic of the genre, In A Dark Place is the suspenseful, erotic story of a young woman fighting to redeem the souls of two children seduced by dark influences beyond the grave. Anna Veigh, a recently qualified art therapist and teacher, is finding work at her inner city special school a tougher psychological challenge than she can cope with. The offer of a new post minding two wealthy young orphans whilst their wealthy uncle is away on business seems a perfect escape for her. It is a welcome escape. Her new workplace is Bly House, a remote country estate with beautiful grounds and a small resident staff. Miles and Flora, the children, seem sweet and charming, if a little strange, and Anna thinks that she has really "landed on her feet" after the rigors of her previous job. The only fly in the ointment is the frosty estate manager, Miss Grose, who seems remote and unfriendly to the new arrival. Very soon, moreover, Anna makes disquieting discoveries. Miles, the boy, has been expelled from his school, for a sin so dreadful the headmaster will not even discuss it. Anna then learns that her predecessor in the job, one Miss Jessel, died in suspicious circumstances. To add to her unease, she begins to catch glimpses of unknown sinister figures lurking in the grounds, but nobody else admits to seeing them. Anna confronts the Miss Grose with her suspicions about these intruders, but is surprised by the force of Miss Grose's reaction. The figures Anna describes are unmistakably those of two ex-employees at the house. The only problem is that these employees are dead. Anna senses that the ghostly manifestations are malevolent in their intent. Not only is the psychological welfare of the children in very real jeopardy, but their lives and their souls are also at risk. But Anna is forced to confront dark secrets buried deep in her own psyche as she fights to cleanse the children's souls of darkness, with terrifying consequences for all concerned.


Leelee Sobieski as Anna Veigh
Tara Fitzgerald as Ms. Grose
Christian Olson as Miles
Gabrielle Adam as Flora
Graham Pountney as Mr. James
Jonathan Fox as Mr. Laing
Thomas Sanne as Headmaster
Cleo Rotunno as Small Girl
Jean Schimdt as Groundsman
Patrice Ristic as Man in Playground
Paul Schroeder as Paramedic
Chris Bearne as Vicar
Gintare Parulyte as
Donato Rotunno

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