Rollin' with the Nines

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(action, crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Rollin' with the NinesToo Fine and his friends Finny, Pushy and Rage hope to set up a successful urban underground garage act and escape the lives they're trying to leave behind. But this dream all goes tragically wrong when Too Fine is murdered in a drive by-shooting at the hands of Temper, a former adversary from his days peddling rock on the streets who he owed a large unpayed debt to. To make matters worse, the weight of this burden falls on his sister Hope, who is brutally attacked and raped by Temper with a warning of worse things to come if the debt is not settled soon. With no way of paying the debt and seeking revenge, she visits Temper early one morning and blasts him to death. The dust settles for a while after this until Hope learns that Temper was a good associate of gangster David Brumby, who has now lost a good business partner. But then Hope suggests she becomes his new partner and before long she and Too Fine's friends are back doing what they did before they tried to make it big. But after an horrific nightclub shooting at the hands of Pushy and Rage in retaliation for Too Fine's murder, two persistent detectives get on their case and it's only a matter of time before everything threatens to come crashing down around them.


Vas Blackwood as Finny
Robbie Gee as Pushy
Terry Stone as Detective Andy White
Naomi Taylor as Hope
Billy Murray as David Brumby
Simon Webbe as Too Fine
Jason Flemyng as Capt. Fleming
Dominic Alan-Smith as Det. Ed Haines
Roffem Morgan as Rage
George Calil as Det. Newmyer
Ian Virgo as Josh
Daniel Bayle as Dickie
Marvin Campbell as Drug Dealer
Paul Davis as Officer Walker
Spencer Fearon as Devon
Julian Gilbey

I enjoyed this movie. I loved the use of jargon and the fact that illustrates the adage "do not honor the thieves." The film flowed very well and is up there among the best gangster films produced. Without spoiling the film, which reflects life in the fact that drug dealers and the love of money is without prejudice to color or. Unfortunately, justice is not the same. That said, it is a must see. This film features some of the talents Britain has to offer. The majority of cases, the performance was well done. I have liked to have seen a little more diversity of cultures, so the film has been a bit less stereotypical, but did not get everything they want. It was still a film. I hope that was published in the states before. Do you know! Hee hee

Download Rollin' with the Nines
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