The Night Listener

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(drama, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie The Night ListenerIn the midst of his crumbling relationship, a radio show host begins speaking to his biggest fan, a young boy, via the telephone. But when questions about the boy's identity come up, the host's life is thrown into chaos.


Robin Williams as Gabriel Noone
Toni Collette as Donna D. Logand
Joe Morton as Ashe
Bobby Cannavale as Jess
Rory Culkin as Pete D. Logand
Sandra Oh as Anna
John Cullum as Pap Noone
Lisa Emery as Darlie Noone
Guenia Lemos as Female Neighbor
Marcia Haufrecht as Pant Suited Woman
Nick Gregory as Flight Attendant
Ed Jewett as Mail Clerk
Becky Ann Baker as Waitress
Billy Vann as Taxi Driver
E.J. Carroll as Hospital Security Guard
Patrick Stettner

All elements of a great film are in place: the amazing actors, interesting story, decent and budget. Somehow, this movie is flat and is fairly forgettable.

I attribute this to the director. I've never seen his other films, so I can not compare. The movie was predictable, the opportunities for some great moments of suspense ... as lost ten missing free throws in basketball - painfully annoying ... this director shot missed ... much.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the movie ... just yell, "Help me find a great editor to work out what the director lost!" This is the kind of watch a movie on HBO, while folding laundry (which was not enough to compel see in the theater), and considers it "good", but certainly not worthy of the attention. .. the clothes are made happy!
If there is something to recommend about this film is that it is intriguing. The premise is based on the audience because it certainly is a mystery, and throughout the film there are clues that there is something dark lurking about. However, there is not much tension, and Williams' mild mannered image not long ago that we refer to his obsession with the child.

Collete fares much better than the woman whose true nature and intentions are not very clear. The production felt rushed and holes are clear. No doubt it feels like a preview of a much more complete and better effort. The book is probably better.

One thing is certain: Taupin must have written something really good to have inspired at least a commendable effort.

Download Night Listener, The
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