Failure to Launch

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(comedy, romance)
Download Movie Failure to LaunchTripp is a thirty-five years old bachelor man that still lives with his parents, Al and Sue. Al and Sue hire the manipulative interventionist Paula to play Tripp's girlfriend and seduce him, convincing Tripp to move out of their home. Paula and Tripp fall in love for each other, but Tripp's best friends Ace and Demo accidentally find the truth about Paula and Demo discloses to Tripp, spoiling the plan and their relationship. When Tripp and Paula miss each other, their friends plot a scheme trying to arrange an encounter to fix the situation.


Matthew McConaughey as Tripp
Sarah Jessica Parker as Paula
Zooey Deschanel as Kit
Justin Bartha as Ace
Bradley Cooper as Demo
Terry Bradshaw as Al
Kathy Bates as Sue
Tyrel Jackson Williams as Jeffrey
Katheryn Winnick as Melissa
Rob Corddry as Gun Salesman
Patton Oswalt as Techie Guy
Stephen Tobolowsky as Bud
Kate McGregor-Stewart as Bev
Adam Alexi-Malle as Mr. Axelrod
Gretchen Cleevely as Veterinarian
Tom Dey

I had high hopes for this movie. After all, I love all the members of the cast. Yet, somehow, just did not do it for me. It was as if the writers did not know they wanted to try to please. The farce over the top scenes that have been working on another film, and the scenes who have worked in another movie. I think one of the subplots involving Zooey Deschanel (who literally steals the show) would have been more interesting than any of the two drivers. Matthew McConaughey is certainly good to see, but your abs and give its support have been issued during the time. And as I have loved Sarah Jessica Parker, is looking a little long in the tooth, and is definitely too old to play the part.

Grade: C (But only for the sake of Zooey, I loved her!)

Download Failure to Launch
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