The Good German

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(drama, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie The Good GermanBerlin, July, 1945. Journalist Jake Geismer arrives to cover the Potsdam conference, issued a captain's uniform for easier passage. He also wants to find Lena, an old flame who's now a prostitute desperate to get out of Berlin. He discovers that the driver he's assigned, a cheerful down-home sadist named Corporal Tully, is Lena's keeper. When the body of a murdered man washes up in Potsdam (within the Russian sector), Jake may be the only person who wants to solve the crime: U.S. personnel are busy finding Nazis to bring to trial, the Russians and the Americans are looking for German rocket scientists, and Lena has her own secrets.


Jack Thompson as Congressman Breimer
John Roeder as General
George Clooney as Capt. Jacob 'Jake' Geismer
Tobey Maguire as Patrick Tully
Cate Blanchett as Lena Brandt
Dominic Comperatore as Levi
Dave Power as Lieutenant Schaeffer
Tony Curran as Danny
Ravil Isyanov as General Sikorsky
J. Paul Boehmer as British Press Aide
Igor Korosec as Russian Soldier #1
Boris Kievsky as Russian Soldier #2
Vladimir Kulikov as Russian Soldier #3
Yevgeniy Narovlyanskiy as Russian Soldier #4
Aleksandr Sountsov as Russian Soldier #5
Steven Soderbergh

The best film to evoke the period in recent memory. Clooney and Blanchett lead a strong cast and make a movie better than expected in the novel's source material. News archive footage of Berlin and the 1945 film in black and white to make very effective use. Toby McGuire as selfish, mean weasel spirit shown across the usually charming boy. Beau Bridges as a U.S. Army brass bearing a similar self-righteous than contemporary military-ups who think they have a corner on the right to decide what to do. Secrets, lies, love and intrigue woven into a provocative study of the moral ambiguities and difficult decisions in times of war. Highly recommended. Good German Movie

Download Good German, The
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