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Download Movie American Pie Presents: Beta HouseFrom Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Rogue Pictures comes a brand-new hilarious chapter in the legendary American Pie saga, American Pie Presents: Beta House. The hijinks now move from the town of Great Falls to the University of Michigan, where the infamous Beta House fraternity has been setting new standards for incredible parties and outrageous antics. Our heroes are cousins Erik and Dwight Stifler, of the American Pie series' famed Stifler family. Erik has recently been dumped by his high school girlfriend and is trying to re-invent himself while pledging Dwight's fraternity, Beta House. Meanwhile, Dwight is trying to save Beta House from an onslaught by the newly established GEK ("Geek") House, which is led by power-hungry nerd leader Edgar and his band of geek brothers and sisters. Erik's best friend Mike "Cooze" Coozeman and his new roommate Bobby also pledge Beta House and ARE planning to enjoy college to the fullest. It promises to be a semester full of partying, craziness, pranks, and sexual tension to exceed expectations... ...and it does! Erik finds a girl, Ashley, to heal his heartbreak. Cooze dates Ashley's roommate Denise — but finds himself in a possible "Crying Game" scenario. Dwight and the other Betas fight off Geek House for social supremacy on campus. The rivalry gets so intense that the only way to settle it is through direct competition in the Greek Games, an ancient campus ritual that went so far out of control it was banned forty years ago. It turns out that even Geeks can be bullies, so the Betas have to pull together to fend off the Geeks and prove that some traditions deserve to be upheld.


Robbie Amell as Nick Anderson
Bradford Anderson as Jake
Joe Eigo as Dexter Lee
Jonathan Keltz as Wesley
Eugene Levy as Mr. Levenstein
Christopher McDonald as Mr. Stifler
Nic Nac as Bobby Coolidge
Vasanth Saranga as Bandhu Ikshan
Tyrone Savage as Edgar Willis
Jake Siegel as Cooze
Steve Talley as Dwight Stifler
John White as Erik Stifler
Christine Barger as Margie
Shannon Beckner as Manni
Angela Besharah as Irene Wright
Andrew Waller

Wow, this is another good spin off of the original American Pie,
not as good as band camp, but definitely much better The Naked Mile.
Dwight and Erik Stifler bring the comedy in this, but in reality
prefers dialogue in this naked to a mile. The script was written
much better and the comedy flowed more smoothly, though most of the comedy
wine sex, but it's okay because that is why we see these films
anyway right? The dwarf

Rock also had a cameo very good, considering the intense effort
given by him in The Naked Mile, the scene with Stifler
was impressive and I laughed my ass when I saw him.

The film was a clear improvement, in my opinion, compared to
Naked Mile, if you liked previous films American Pie, you must
as beta house, unless you see All American Pie spin-offs
a waste of money.
Thus, American Pie: Beta House is the 6th in the film American Pie
series. Although, it really has nothing to do with the original three
American Pie films, except some of the characters are supposed to be
related to the characters of the original trilogy and Eugene Levy is in
him ( can not obtain such best concerts?).

There is very little to complement this movie on. No
funny jokes. The acting is painful to see, especially with girls
the "Southern" accent that sounds more like a Canadian
impersonation of a British woman pretends to be a Hillbilly through the use of the word
" ; ya'll. "This film makes me feel like an idiot. Why not me
apply to a college where nobody goes to class (but everybody gets good grades
), girls consistently take their clothes in public, everyone has
promiscuous relations unprotected, without the burden of the babies and sexually transmitted infections,
and can ejaculate in a girl's pictures without their family
janitor? Actually, this series has dropped to the rules of
Softcore porn. Perhaps for the next one, which eventually decompose and
hire Ron Jeremy as lead. I'm sure you can only tie the series
, making his character Stifler's 3rd uncle, once removed or
something like that.

Download American Pie Presents: Beta House
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