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(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Cry_WolfNobody believes a liar - even when they're telling the truth. When a young woman is found murdered, a group of local high school students decide to further scare their classmates by spreading online rumors that a serial killer called "The Wolf" is on the loose. By describing "The Wolf's" next victims, the students' game is to see how many people they can convince - and if anyone will uncover the lie. But when the described victims actually do start turning up dead, suddenly no one knows where the lies end and the truth begins. As someone or something begins hunting the students themselves, the game turns terrifyingly real.


Julian Morris as Owen
Lindy Booth as Dodger
Jared Padalecki as Tom
Jon Bon Jovi as Rich Walker
Sandra McCoy as Mercedes
Kristy Wu as Regina
Jane Beard as Miss McNally
Gary Cole as Mr. Matthews
Jesse Janzen as Randall
Paul James as Lewis
Ethan Cohn as Graham
Sabrina Gilbert as Game Player
Ashleigh Pixley as Game Player
Shauna Sauls as Game Player
Ranel Johnson as Game Player
Jeff Wadlow

I was surprised by this film, I expected a plot with some Slasher would be an interesting way to kill time and entertain myself (me, working in the film has its advantages). In the end, I was surprised to see what kind of film Cry Wolf.

First, the movie turns off and the characters are established and the final twists the words "believe" and "lie" very well and it may be difficult to fund without spoiling for you. The final 2-3 has also turns that are very well made, it is also robust to act.

One complaint was that it was PG 13, but if you see the movie, you'll know why the movie is PG 13 and why it was not deep into the murders.

In the end, see Cry Wolf is much better than what you think you would be like.

I guarantee it.


Download Cry_Wolf
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