Small Soldiers

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(action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, sci-fi)
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Alan, son of a Toy Store owner, tries out some new action figures: The Commando Elite vs. The Gorgonites. What he does not know, is that both sets of toys were designed to move, talk and play back. The Commando Elite's purpose is to destroy the Gorgonites. Unfortunately, the toy designer who was responsible for the programming, bought highly intelligent military computer chips that are usually used for steering missiles - and are able to learn. Now, the Commando Elite, led by Major Chip Hazard, is up to destroying the Gorgonites, led by peaceful Archer, who hide in Alan's parent's house. Now, a battle, in which the destructive ability of creative computer chips against creative computer chips with a different attitude comes to light, is about to begin.


David Cross as Irwin Wayfair
Jay Mohr as Larry Benson
Alexandra Wilson as Ms. Kegel
Denis Leary as Gil Mars
Gregory Smith as Alan Abernathy
Dick Miller as Joe
Kirsten Dunst as Christy Fimple
Jacob Smith as Timmy Fimple
Jonathan Bouck as Brad
Kevin Dunn as Stuart Abernathy
Ann Magnuson as Irene Abernathy
Wendy Schaal as Marion Fimple
Phil Hartman as Phil Fimple
Archie Hahn as Satellite Dish Installer
Robert Picardo as Clean Room Technician Ralph
Joe Dante

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